Fortnox is Sweden's leading online accounting and finance system.

Finance system
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Stay on top of the finances in real-time overviews that nail the essentials of what you need to know.

Monitor revenue and costs vs. budget – are we on track for the year?

Be ahead on the cash situation and unlock the hidden numbers of how long it takes for clients to pay you.

More about the system

With Fortnox, you can book and manage your company's finances wherever you want and always be up to date. Their programs, financial services, and insurance give you a simpler and safer business day.

With Fortnox, it is easy to share the work in your company. Get help with accounting and collaborate with one of the thousands of accounting consultants who use Fortnox.

Fortnox has automatic connections with banks and authorities. And you can easily use Fortnox with, for example, your cash register system or webshop, as we have almost 400 ready-made connections and an open API for integrations.

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