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The Best 21 Productivity PSA Software For Any Business

Kenneth Weesgaard

PSA software is a somewhat obscure term for anybody who doesn’t work in the professional services industry. PSA stands for Professional Services Automation. For the uninitiated, it might be helpful to take a step back - professional services is a term used to describe occupations in the services sector such as architects, lawyers, doctors, or accountants (amongst others). In simplest terms, Professional Services Automation can help individuals in the professional services improve their productivity, something that can be especially relevant considering that many are self-employed entrepreneurs.

But how should you choose the right PSA tool for your business?

Here, we’ll provide a brief overview of PSA software, and walk you through some of the best in the business. Remember, your choice of tool depends on your business, industry, and point of the business lifecycle. There is no best PSA software, only the best PSA software for you...

What is Professional Services Automation Software?

PSA technology can have various features and functionality, but its goal is always the same: to automate and manage business processes related to service delivery.

By automating many of the supporting processes a business is required to perform, delivery execution can be improved and profitability optimized.

PSA software can encompass features such as: project management, financial management, resource management, accounting, collaboration and communication channels, business intelligence, and more, often in a single platform.

This aggregation of support services has two major benefits:

  • Consolidating disparate elements of a business improves efficiency by providing a holistic platform that can provide an overview of business operations.
  • Automating elements of the business that do not generate value for the customer increases effectiveness by allowing employees to focus on the customer.

Many of the tasks that are automated by PSA software include manual processes that require a large number of man hours but produce little in the way of additional value. This could include tasks like data entry, report generation, and data analysis.

Additionally, for smaller businesses, many of the processes that are simplified by PSA software are beyond the core competencies of the business itself, such as producing cashflow statements, invoicing, or effective time-tracking.

Who should use PSA Software?

PSA tools are extremely helpful for almost any service-oriented business, regardless of size, industry, location, or customer.

Any business which provides a service that is billed hourly stands to see significant improvements in efficiency from PSA software. After all, the fewer non-billable hours a business logs, the greater their profitability.

As such, consulting companies, creative agencies, engineering firms and IT advising firms are some of the more common users of PSA technology.

In larger companies, this software can reduce the frequency of data silos and increase access to data, fostering communication between employees. It can also be utilized by all departments within an organization to improve collaboration between sales, finance, marketing and product departments.

PSA software is typically integrated with both internal and external applications such as CRM systems. This optimizes accounting services such as billing and banking and provides the seamless end-to-end solution that businesses need to maximize productivity.

The Best PSA Software For Every Business

Below is a list of the best PSA software out there.

Each tool has unique features that make it applicable to individual business use cases - so explore which one is best suited for your business.

In no particular order, let’s explore the best PSA software...

1. PSA Reviews Forecast

Forecast PSA logo

Forecast promises to unite their users' projects with their PSA software. This project management PSA tool gathers data on financials, resources, and projects onto a single platform.

The Forecast platform is also AI-native, providing a high degree of AI work automation that can cut administrative workloads, delivering significant business efficiencies.

This PSA technology mixes project management with business intelligence: the AI platform is also able to derive best practices and predict the outcomes of business decisions based on collected data.

All this makes Forecast’s PSA software uniquely placed to improve collaboration, allocate resources, and deliver profitable projects.

PSA Software Features/Benefits:

  • Full data visibility
  • Project accounting
  • Plan and track multiple projects simultaneously
  • Facilitate teamwork & collaboration
Forecast dashboard

Payment Plans

 Free Trial - Yes

  • Lite - $31 seat/month, minimum 10 seats
  • Pro - $53 seat/month, minimum 10 seats
  • Plus - Contact the team


Consulting/Agency, SaaS, Operations, Finance/Accounting

2. PSA Reviews TimeLog

TimeLog allows users to monitor the financial metrics associated with their projects. This PSA tool for project management offers time-tracking, budget and invoicing functionality, and resource management options.

Designed to maximize business efficiency, TimeLog aggregates data into one place, providing the insight that lets users focus on strategic decisions. 

This PSA software is popular with consulting firms due to its simple and effective invoicing features, but it has applications across a wide range of industries.

And with more than 20 years experience in the industry, TimeLog promises to provide insight into the exact value of your billable hours, making it invaluable for any business seeking greater transparency.

PSA Software Features/Benefits

  • Time management
  • Automated invoicing
  • Intelligent reporting
  • Customer Management
TimeLog dashboard

Payment Plans

Free Trial - Yes

Internal Project

  • Basic – $8.50 per license/ month
  • Basic Plus – $16.80 per license/ month
  • Advanced – $28 per license/ month


  • Basic- $10.50 per license/ month
  • Basic Plus- $21 per license/ month
  • Advanced- $40.50 per license/ month


Consulting Companies, IT Companies, Engineering Consultants, Auditors, Public Organizations, PR and Marketing Agencies

3. PSA Reviews EazyProject

EazyProject PSA logo

EazyProject is a powerful PSA software with a focus on project management and time registration for knowledge-based companies.

With more than 10,000 daily users, EazyProject’s platform is appropriate for small and medium-sized enterprises, providing a full overview of projects from planning to resource management and execution.

Popular in the Nordic region, this PSA tool was developed by a team with over 15 years of experience in PSA software with both public and private clients.

PSA Software Features/Benefits

  • Easy time-tracking and project management
  • Holistic task management system
  • Invoicing
  • Monitor project financials
  • Mobile functionality
  • EazyAcademy - structured learning for use of the platform
EazyProject dashboard

Payment Plans

Free trial - Yes

  • User: $11.60 (per license/month)
  • Project Manager: $29 (per license/month)


Architects, Consultants, Engineering Consultants, Property Administration.

4. PSA Reviews Deltek

Deltek PSA logo

Deltek’s Workbook PSA software is a self-described “total agency management system”, but it’s appropriate for in-house teams and agencies alike.

This PSA technology is designed with agency growth in mind: built by agency veterans, Workbook’s functionality helps teams streamline people, projects, and finances so that they can focus on adding value for their clients.

The level of project management that this professional services software provides facilitates greater visibility and therefore insight into everything from individual tasks to entire client portfolios. And more insight means more control.

Manage your costs and productivity in one place with Deltek Workbook to maximize your profitability.

PSA Software Features/Benefits

  • Clear overview of project performance
  • Tasks and time management
  • Greater client collaboration
  • Transparent allocation of resources

EazyProject dashboard

Payment Plans

Free Trial - No

  • Front office suite - $30/user per month
  • Full suite - $46/user per month


Law firms, Architects, Engineers, Management and IT consultants, Marketing agencies

5. PSA Reviews Fortnox

Fortnox PSA logo

PSA accounting is made easy with Fortnox - the go-to financial administration platform for small businesses in Sweden. The company has a rich history in accounting automation, having launched their first platform in 2001.

Fortnox aims to automate inefficient and low-value processes with their cloud-based PSA software. Their platform automates financial processes such as payroll, accounting, and invoicing for the more than 400,000 entrepreneurs that have registered with Fortnox.

This PSA software also integrates industry-specific solutions that cater to businesses with niche requirements for their PSA accounting, making it an extremely versatile platform used by both small and large companies.

PSA Software Benefits/Features

  • 380+ integrations with other systems
  • Facilitates collaboration with accounting
  • Financial services integrated into the platform
  • Connects directly to business bank accounts
  • Mobile functionality
Fortnox dashboard

Payment Plans

Free Trial - Yes

  • Fortnox Start: $23 /month
  • Fortnox Flex: $34.70/month
  • Fortnox Total: $70 /month


Entrepreneurs, Accounting, Associations/Schools, Financial Services.

6. PSA Reviews E-conomic

E-conomic PSA logo

Founded in 2001, E-conomic is a bookkeeping platform that manages accounting data for businesses. Its PSA software is trusted by more than 160,000 businesses globally.

Their platform provides an overview of offers, sales, and workflows, with automated invoicing and a smoother transaction process, removing the need for excess paperwork.

E-conomic’s PSA accounting software lets companies collaborate more closely with their accountants/finance departments by making financial data more accessible and transparent for all parties.

Sign up for E-conomic and the company will migrate critical data onto their PSA tool free of charge.

PSA Software Features/Benefits:

  • Simple integration with business bank accounts
  • Electronic invoicing expediates payments
  • Assisted Bookkeeping
  • Simplified VAT reporting
  • Strengthening collaboration with accountants
  • Scalable solution
E-conomic dashboard

Payment Plans

Free trial - Yes

  • Startup – $15 /month
  • Small Business – $23 /month
  • Professional - $44 /month


Rental/Property management, Hospitality, Retail, eCommerce, Transport, Manufacturing, Health

7. PSA Reviews Asana

Asana PSA logo

Asana’s project management PSA technology provides an overview of entire projects, as well as more granular detail on individual tasks, allowing businesses to better organize their workflow and collaborate effectively.

This PSA software comes with more than 200 integrations that facilitate communication, coordination, and cooperation for both large and small teams.

For professional services software like Asana, a good UX design is critical, and Asana’s flexible, fast, and modern design is optimized to maximize ease of use. The platform is also highly customizable, allowing users to set up their PSA tool the way it works best for them.

PSA Software Features/Benefits

  • Project management with custom views and templates
  • Numerous reporting metrics
  • Admin Controls & Security
  • Optimized for both desktop and mobile
Asana dashboard

Payment Plans

Free Trial - Yes

  • Basic - Free
  • Premium - $16 per user/ month
  • Business - $35 per user/month


Marketing and Design, IT and Development, Sales & Services, Communication, Security, Finance and HR, and other industries

8. PSA Reviews Wrike

Wrike PSA logo

Wrike provides a PSA tool that acts as a work management solution with an adaptable interface that lets teams customize the platform to suit their needs.

This PSA software is employed by more than 20,000 companies globally, providing a collaborative platform for teams to use from anywhere in the world, either remotely or in the office.

Wrike can boost team productivity by 50%, and has been shown to reduce email exchanges by up to 90%, acting as both a project management and communications platform for both small and large teams.

PSA Software Features/Benefits

  • Customize tools for any team
  • Full visibility of projects
  • Scalable software for small/large teams
  • Purpose-built and interactive templates, charts, Kanban boards
  • Shared calendars for deliverables
  • More than 400 integrations
  • Enterprise-grade security
Wrike dashboard

Payment Plans

Free Trial - Yes

  • Professional - $9.80 user/month
  • Business- $24.80 user/month
  • Enterprise – Contact the team
  • Pinnacle- Contact the team


Agencies, Construction, Education, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Media & Entertainment, Technology.

9. PSA Reviews FinancialForce

FinancialForce PSA logo

FinancialForce is a cloud-based professional services software that allows teams to share data across entire organizations in real-time. This provides projects with visibility, and leads to better informed, data-driven decisions.

This type of PSA software can significantly benefit a business in terms of both profitability and revenue.

The platform has various applications related to finance and accounting that scale alongside a business, providing cloud accounting, financial reporting, and predictive modelling with trackable KPIs. This PSA tool eliminates time-consuming processes, improving the efficiency of a business.

PSA Software Features/Benefits

  • Project planning overview and resource management.
  • Aligns sales and services to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Supports diverse billing models with automation.
  • Powerful forecasting and analytics.
FinanceForce dashboard

Payment Plans: 

Free Trial - Yes

Contact the FinancialForce sales team for more information around pricing plans. 


Business Services, Health & Life Sciences, Media & Digital, Communications, Professional Services & Consulting, Software, High-Tech & IT Services, Telecommunications.

10. PSA Reviews GoSimplo

GoSimplo PSA logo

Whilst having a different functionality to many of the PSA tools on this list, GoSimplo complements them by offering seamless integration (set-up takes no more than 5 minutes).

GoSimplo’s thoughtfully designed digital dashboards provide teams with data visualizations that generate greater business insights, saving time and money.

This fully-automated platform enables you to unlock the power of your data, presenting financial and project management data on a single BI dashboard. GoSimplo helps you to understand your billable hours, client revenue, and client expenditure more clearly and easily.Use GoSimplo for free today.

PSA Software Features/Benefits

  • Performance visualizations for actionable insights.
  • Client profitability metrics.
  • Presents financial KPIs with simplicity.
  • Assess internal productivity.
GoSimplo dashboard

Payment Plans

Free Trial - Yes

  • Freemium Version: FREE FOREVER
  • Premium version: Coming Soon


Advertising, Architects, Consulting engineers, IT consultants, Lawyers, Management Consultants.

11. PSA Reviews Planview

Planview PSA logo

Planview’s PSA tool empowers teams and leads to better, more strategic outcomes. Their PSA software allows enterprises to navigate and deliver upon strategy with applications such as portfolio management and workflow architecture.

Planview helps teams stay on-time and on-budget, maximizing the scope for successful delivery of operations, all whilst growing revenue margins.

Their PSA accounting technology facilitates the right allocation of resources, skills, and time, to achieve billable hour utilization. What does this mean for your business? Higher margins and increased profitability.

PSA Software Features/Benefits

  • Centralize data and activities on customer projects.
  • Gain understanding of real-time project statuses
  • Optimize communication and collaboration between sales, finance, and service delivery teams.
  • Capture actual time and expense and recognize revenue.
  • Optimize use of resources to exceed customer satisfaction targets.
  • Grow top-line services revenue and improve margins.
Planview Dashboard

Payment Plan

Free Trial - Yes

Contact the team


Bank, Telecommunications, IT, Consulting

12. PSA Reviews VOGSY


VOGSY’s PSA software generates project road maps for businesses: this powerful project management tool has far-reaching applications in budgeting, billing, admin automation, and automated invoicing.

Use this PSA technology to automatically monitor KPIs in the service lifecycle: budgets, billable hours, and project profit margins. Discover how budgeted time aligns with actual hours spent, and how projects can be made both more efficient and more effective.

VOGSY also provides a platform to aggregate information related to a project, with documents, emails, and tasks all stored in one place. This can help to eliminate data silos within an organization and maximize the success of a project 

PSA Software Features/Benefits

  • Reduce overheads and increase predictability.
  • Forecast revenue and resources.
  • Profitability tracking.
  • Invoice in bulk with automated approval flows.
  • Project, task, and resource management.
  • Access real-time business data from anywhere at any time.
 VOGSY dashboard

Payment Plans

Free Trial - Yes

  • Lite - $9 per user/month
  • Full - $19 per user/month
  • Super - $29 per user/month


Agencies, Consulting, Technology, Marketing, Communications

13. PSA Reviews Productive

Productive PSA logo

Productive is a popular project management PSA software for agencies of all sizes, across a broad range of industries. This resource planning tool provides a solid overview of the profitability of an agency

The platform provides a single source for everything related to a project - financial data, team communications, budgets, information resources, and more.

The PSA accounting functionality also tracks invoice amounts automatically, ensuring that billing information is correct and that there is the required transparency between agency and client.

PSA Software Features/Benefits

  • Get an overview of
  • Gain full control of budgets by effectively managing them all in one place.
  • Establish, streamline, and execute on projects
  • Eliminate admin hours spent invoicing
  • Understand your individual sales funnel and forecast potential revenue


Productive Dashboard

Payment Plans

Free Trial - Yes

  • Standard- $12.50 per user/month
  • Premium- $20 per user/month
  • Enterprise - Contact the team


Software Development, Marketing Agency, Design Studio, Consulting, In-house Team. 

14. PSA Reviews ClickUp

ClickUp PSA logo

ClickUp is a handy all-in-one that encompasses the functionality of many integrations in one platform, aggregating docs, tasks, communications, calendars, and project timelines into one place.

This PSA software allows you to create your own views and is adaptable to the needs of your team. It integrates with more than 1000 time-tracking, cloud storage, and calendar applications.

The PSA technology that ClickUp employs moves teams from ideas to action more quickly. , Ithas unique functionality that facilitates teamwork like screen-recording, wiki creation, and knowledge base set-up.

PSA Software Features/Benefits

  • Real-time chat and email directly via the platform.
  • Gantt chart templates to assign and monitor tasks.
  • Native time-tracking to optimize profitability.
  • Kanbans board and sprints
ClickUp Dashboard

Payment Plans

Free trial - Yes

  • Unlimited - $5 per member/month
  • Business - $9 per member/month
  • Business Plus - $19 per member/month
  • Enterprise - Contact the team


Account Management, Education, Design, Finance, Health, Nonprofit, Marketing, Law, Media, Real Estate, Sales, and others. 

 15. PSA Reviews Chargebee

Chargebee is PSA software designed for revenue management and subscription billing that scales with your business.

This project management PSA technology allows you to streamline operations by automating admin and accounting processes. This includes tax compliance invoicing globally, a function which is especially relevant for services companies looking to localize global subscription services.

Overall Chargebee’s PSA accounting solution minimizes the risk of human error, whether that be manual data entry error, or misinterpretation of tax law, allowing businesses to focus on providing value to their customers. 

PSA Software Features/Benefits

  • Provides revenue recognition
  • Generates deferred revenue reports
  • Rich subscription metrics
  • Security certified - encrypts and protects customer data.
Chargebee Dashboard

Payment Plans

Free Trial - Yes Contact the team at Chargebee for more information about pricing plans. 


Communication, Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Sales, Education, Restaurant, Technology, Trade, Retail & webshop, business, Real Estate & other industries.


 16. PSA Reviews Dinero

Dinero is a popular PSA software company that was founded in Denmark in 2010. Since then, Dinero has seen significant growth, and is now used by more than 70,000 companies worldwide.

Dinero’s PSA tool was designed for self-employed professionals whose competencies lie outside of accounting. This lets them focus on delivering their core value to their customers, whilst Dinero takes care of the admin.

PSA accounting platforms can be incredibly useful for business owners with limited expertise in producing financial statements or tax compliance, making Dinero a perfect partner for any aspiring entrepreneur.

PSA Software Features/Benefits

  • Sales invoicing and tracking
  • Comprehensive BI reporting
  • VAT settlement application
  • Automatic bank reconciliation
  • +170 integrations
  • Mobile functionality
Dinero Dashboard

Payment Plans

Free Trial - Yes

  • Starter- Free
  • Pro - $38 per month


Retail, Hospitality, Veterinarians, Electricians, Photographers, Hairdressers, Graphic artists, Physiotherapists, Therapists, Real Estate, eCommerce.

17. PSA Reviews Gocardless

GoCardless PSA logo

GoCardless is a PSA tool that helps business owners manage their subscriptions, with the ability to collect recurring payments as well as one-off transactions

This PSA technology includes functionality for invoicing, payment failure reduction, and international transaction facilitation, all relevant for establishing stable recurring revenue.

GoCardless is used by more than 60,000 businesses globally, working across international markets, and processes transactions totaling more than $20 billion each year. Their PSA software is even localized for over 30 regions to optimize the user experience. 

PSA Software Features/Benefits

For small Businesses:

  • Improve cash flow
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce failed payments
  • Keep track of payments

For enterprise:

  • Reduce churn
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Reduce international barrier
  • Reduce time to get paid
  • Reduce conversion risk
GoCardless Dashboard

Payment Plan

Free Trial - Yes 

  • Standard- Free
  • Plus- $68.75/ month 
  • Pro- + $275/ month
  • Custom- contact sales 


Accounting & Invoicing, Health & Fitness, CRM, Nonprofit, Utilities & other industries 

18. PSA Reviews Fenerum

Fenerum PSA Logo


Fenerum is the perfect PSA software for B2B SaaS companies. It includes everything a business could need to manage a subscription payment model - expense management, billing, budgeting, reporting, bank reconciliation, the list goes on…
Fenerum’s PSA accounting technology integrates with many of the entities you might need to manage running a SaaS platform - credit card providers, ERP solutions, a broad range of banks/banking solutions. The PSA tool aims to entirely eliminate the tedious manual admin of financial management - offering automated overviews of cashflow, bank balances, liquidity, and a wealth of other KPIs. 

PSA Software Features/Benefits

  • Automated billing.
  • Expense management.
  • Automated invoicing and importing of bank statements.
  • Automated accounting and revenue recognition.
  • Reporting and real-time cash flow
Fenerum Dashboard

Payment Plans

Free Trial - Yes


Contact Fenerum directly for more information on pricing. 


SaaS, Software development, CRM, Finance. 

19. PSA Reviews Stripe

Stripe PSA logo

Stripe’s PSA software comprises a full suite of payment products, self-describing as the “payments infrastructure for the internet”

Stripe is a single platform that contains everything a business needs to send and receive payments via websites, webshops, and apps, from and to anywhere in the world. This PSA technology includes invoicing, financing, expense management, fraud detection, and issuing both physical and virtual bank cards.

Their stated mission is to “increase the GDP of the internet”, and their platform is used by millions of businesses worldwide. It’s appropriate for startups, scale-ups and large enterprises alike.

PSA Software Features/Benefits

  • Pre-built integrations with third-parties.
  • Reporting and insights.
  • Multi-currency payment options and cross-border payments.
  • Financial reports, accounting support, and revenue recognition.
  • Security compliance and data protection.
  • Authentication and authorization of payments
  • Mobile functionality
Stripe Dashboard

Payment plans

Free trial - Yes

Contact the team


Ecommerce & brick-and-mortar retailers, subscriptions businesses, software platforms and marketplaces, and everything in between.

20. PSA Reviews Recurly

Recurly PSA Logo

As the name suggests, Recurly is PSA software built to facilitate recurring revenue business models. Recurly offers subscription management via its innovative PSA technology.

Recurly’s “Revenue Optimization Engine” utilizes AI to maximize customer lifetime value and reduce churn rate of subscribers. Users of this PSA tool can also gain insight from the data the platform is able to collect - from mapping the subscriber journey to optimizing the checkout experience.

Recurly scales with you, making it an equally solid choice for startups or corporations, and its customers value its flexibility - Recurly let’s you experiment with different payment models, facilitating the evolution of a subscription model business.

PSA Software Features/Benefits

  • All-in-one subscription management platform.
  • Multiple payment gateways.
  • Seamless integrations with CRM, CMS, banking and accounting tools
  • Configure various billing models — usage-based, fixed, prepaid, and hybrid models.
Recurly Dashboard

Payment plans

Free Trial - Yes

  • Core: $149/month
  • Professional: Contact the team
  • Elite:  Contact the team


SaaS, Consumer Goods & Retail, Digital Media & Publishing, Business & Professional Services, Streaming Media, Healthcare & education.

21. PSA Reviews FreshBooks

FreshBooks PSA Logo

Freshbooks is PSA accounting that aims to afford business owners a greater understanding and overview of their own business. And with over 24 million users, Freshbooks is certainly on its way to achieving this goal.

This PSA software streamlines accounting processes, integrating with more than 100 applications. Freshbooks estimates that it saves customers an average of 192 hours of accounting admin work every year.

The platform offers a wealth of features beyond accounting though, notably expense management and time-tracking.  This allows businesses to maximize their productivity and profitability, making it a handy combination of accounting and project management software. 

PSA Software Features/Benefits 

  • Automated invoicing and billing
  • Automated reporting - P&L statements, tax reports,mileage tracking
  • Gather client data to generate powerful insights
  • Develop estimates and proposals
  • Project overview, communication and collaboration in app.

Payment plans:

Free Trial - Yes

  • Lite- $6 per month
  • Plus- $10 per month
  • Premium- $20 per month
  • Select - Contact the team


Small Businesses, contractors, Freelancers, Self-employed professionals


Professional Services Automation software provides businesses small and large alike the opportunity for an easy win.

The ability to automate repetitive manual processes, more easily analyse data, and cleary display relevant KPIs can save hundreds of hours of labor. 

For businesses that rely on a client-based business model, this can be particularly revolutionary. 

Use this list to find the PSA software that’s right for you - and begin to automate some of your processes to save time and money. 

Use GoSimplo’s PSA software for free, forever, today.