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GoSimplo is here!

Kenneth Weesgaard

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GoSimplo is here

A year ago, we launched our first product, and since then a lot has happened. We now have clients in Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, England, and Canada. And we’ve landed our first funding round of 4.000.000 DKK lead by the prominent PreSeed Ventures and backed by experienced business angels; Allan Sønderskov Darré, Anders Lisdorf, Henrik Hasselbalch, and Vækstfonden. And now, we can finally announce the launch of our new product, GoSimplo.

We are set out to help project-based companies gain the business insights they deserve. With our automated solution, we aim to remove the pain of reporting for every company out there

We specialize in Business Intelligence for SMEs, dreaming of a better and intuitive reporting solution for smaller companies. GoSimplo connects disjointed systems and provides a single source of data insights with cool visualizations.

Our mission is to provide the same tech and insights driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning that large companies gain an edge from and make this available to smaller companies. We want to democratize intelligent and predictive reporting! With GoSimplo, you get the power of business intelligence but without spending a fortune or being a tech wizard. You get simple and understandable dashboards, that are always up to date. And we combine data from your project management and finance system, so you can get rid of your Excel spreadsheets and be more productive.

GoSimplo and

Track your revenue from clients more easily with GoSimplo and optimize employee performance. 

GoSimplo’s straightforward dashboard helps you combine employee, project, client, and financial data.

  • Improve your team’s productivity with overviews and individual employee reporting
  • Focus on the right clients by discovering where you’re allocating your resources
  • Easy to understand financial insights around invoicing, revenue, and income

With GoSimplo, you no longer need to be a math genius to understand your internal analytics. Instead, get metrics within minutes. Go from installation to user-friendly information within five minutes.
Stop spending hours cross-referencing multiple platforms to get the information you need to make your business a success and use GoSimplo for free and to get the job done in minutes. 

Architects. Ad Agencies. Consulting Engineers. IT Consultancies. Management Consultancies.
Whatever industry your project-based business is in, GoSimplo is the solution for easier, faster, and clearer insights. 

GoSimplo. Complicated metrics made simple. Free Forever. Join today.