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Business Intelligence

Three Benefits of Time Tracking For Your Employees

Kenneth Weesgaard

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In addition to increasing employee productivity, time tracking can reduce the risk of burnout and employee churn. Here are three benefits of time tracking:

Improves employee productivity

Time tracking is useful for many reasons. Incorporating it into your business can help you improve employee productivity. However, there are a few factors you should consider before using it. Here are a few of them:

First, time tracking helps employees keep track of their work. The process of recording their time helps them focus on one task at a time and ignore distractions. It has been proven that multitasking reduces productivity by up to 45%, which is harmful for both employees and the company.

Time tracking also helps managers see which projects are taking up most of their employees' time, so they can decide on the risk and reward of investing their time in those projects.

Furthermore, employee productivity tracking can improve security and safety. Ineffective workers are not productive, so the risk of security breaches and job site accidents increases. By identifying problems early, managers can develop custom solutions for each worker.

Moreover, understanding time tracking trends can help business owners improve the estimation of labor and costs for future projects. With these insights, you can improve your business' productivity. That way, you'll be able to forecast labor costs more accurately and improve the efficiency of your processes.

Increases accountability

As an employer, you can improve accountability and productivity by understanding time tracking trends for your employees. Fast-paced offices can be a drain on productivity. Employees spend a large portion of their day avoiding billable tasks and multitasking.

Time tracking helps you identify what activities take up the majority of an employee's time. This information can help you improve processes and reduce wasted time. Here are a few ways to improve accountability and productivity:

By analyzing the time spent on each task, you can make more informed decisions and eliminate administrative tasks. Employees who are intrinsically motivated are usually self-directed, and when they find themselves in a situation where they don't have enough time to complete tasks, they tend to disengage.

Time tracking can make employees more accountable, since it gives them a sense of their contribution and commitment. Employees with a greater sense of accountability are more likely to focus on the task at hand rather than on trivial matters.

Helps avoid burnout

A key to preventing burnout in your team is understanding how much time each of your employees spends on important tasks. It is not only crucial to understand how much time each employee spends on their work, but it is equally important to keep the right balance between work and life. If your team is overworked, you may be overlooking the signs of burnout.

To prevent burnout, design a work environment where employees are actively involved in setting goals and working toward a healthy work-life balance.

When an employee feels undervalued in their work, it affects their performance at work. Those who believe that they make a difference in the world and feel appreciated by their boss are likely to remain longer at their job.

Likewise, employees who feel overwhelmed may seek outside help and become less productive. Additionally, they might take shortcuts that lead to mistakes and errors. This can lead to even more stress.

Gain insights into time tracking trends

Even with excellent time tracking tools like Harvest, TimeLog and Easy projects, getting the overview of time tracking trends among employees is a challenge.

This is why GoSimplo has developed out of the box standard reports that provide overview as well as the ability to dive into details of the individual employees' time tracking patterns.

With GoSimplo you simply connect your source system and are able to gain all necessary insights to take full advantage of your time tracking software in five minutes.

With GoSimplo, you can get crucial time tracking insights in just five minutes.